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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good morning. i'm pam cook. sounds like it's going to be a pretty nice afternoon. let's check in with steve. thank you. we have a cloudy to mostly cloudy morning. combination of patchy fog. mainly a lot of high clouds. they'll be with us here for a while but highs will end up mid- 60s for some, upper 60s for some. low 70s for others. temperatures slightly warm. a veil of high clouds that will thin out this afternoon. tara with an update on traffic. thanks, steve. look at golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing well into the city at this hour. and at the bay bridge you can see that traffic is flowing just fine on into san francisco from this direction as well. no problems to report as of yet. 5:00 on the nose. let's head back to the desk. topping our news this morning a search is underway for a former pittsburgh counselor who skipped town during his child molestation trial. he failed to show up after a dramatic courthouse run in. ktvu's kraig debro is in pittsburgh to talk about this unusual case. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. and where he is is a big
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question. he may have his passport with him. so he may not even be in the country depending on whether or not the prosecution took away his passport. now, the person who jumped bail after sitting for four days in his own trial used to work in this building. victims of his crimes told similar stories in court. the 38-year-old worked as a counselor intern for a service for children of divorced parents. in 2008 he was arrested over allegations. prosecutors say the girls did not know one another know one another but told similar stories. had to kneel before a couch in a yoga like position with her eyes closed. he then rubbed himself against the girls feel and calves. another woman 22 years old at the time came forward saying he had done something similar to her in front of her infant child. a jury convicted him earlier this month of two counts of felony child molestation.
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he jumped bail four days before his conviction and after a chance encounter in a martinez courthouse with one of his victims. we're going to go to martinez right now to see if we can speak with a prosecutor in this case to see what leads they have, if any. and if this is an international man hunt at this point. reporting live in pittsburgh, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 5:01. late night fire at a vacant strip mall in newark appears to have been caused by squatters. 50 firefighters rushed to the old circuit city building about 9:30 last night. it took about 40 minutes to get this fire under control and luckily no one was hurt. the building hasn't been occupied for years. firefighters say they found signs that squatters were there. investigators say it looks like that the squatters have been there for a while. looks like the fire was accidental. firefighters say the city's been working to get that building torn down for some
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time now. well, tackling vallejo's growing prostitution problem with some very controversial new ideas coming from a newly created task force. those ideas were formally presented to the city council last night and they include bringing in more police and community patrols. cameras at popular prostitution hang outs and a so-called dear john campaign. one that would embarrass the men who hit the streets looking for sex. >> you send a letter to their home indicating your vehicle was seen in a high prostitution area. just thought we would let you know to be careful you're in such an area. hopefully that will get the message across. >> across. >> now the mayor will take the plan to the state attorney general. he wants to make sure the proposed dear john letters are legal. we're now learning that three men all currently facing criminal narcotics charges are all former antioch police officers. the one time commander of the contra costa narcotics task
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force is facing charges for allegedly selling confiscated drugs. private investigator christopher butler also accused along with welsh. and danville police officer steven has been arrested on drug, weapons and conspiracy charges. also suspected of making drunk driving arrests of men involved in divorce cases butler was working on. they all worked as antioch police officers in the late 1990s. a teacher could soon learn whether or not he'll be disciplined after a student said he knocked over a desk and cursed at his class. the eighth grade student says she was scared after the incident last tuesday. so she left the classroom and called police. tonight the redwood city school board will take up the issue. the teacher has been placed on paid leave. time now 5:04. six months ago today a devastating gas pipeline
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explosion in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. the district attorney's office is now looking at past seismic upgrading work as part of an investigation into pg&e's overall pipeline operations. this could lead to criminal negligence charges. also the state puc may impose hefty fines if pg&e doesn't meet next tuesday's deadline to hand over very detailed pipeline records. we have an update for you now on today's special election in the city of alameda. we just got the latest numbers in to the ktvu newsroom. it appears the measure will pass. measure a would increase property taxes to support local schools. with 28 of 28 precincts reporting measure a is ahead with the necessary two-thirds majority needed for passage. more than 12,000 people or 68% voted yes. nearly 6,000 or 32% voted no. measure a is the only item on the ballot. san francisco police say
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criminals are using something unusual to steal money at the atm. ktvu's jade hernandez is in the city to tell us about a bank scam involving glue. jade. >> reporter: that's right. thieves are using hot glue guns and patience to target atm users. what they're doing is they're glueing down the buttons entered for your cancel. the customer can't finish the process because the keys get stuck. the customer gets nervous, goes inside the bank for help and leaving their card or information vulnerable outside. that's when the thieves step in. a local paper reports the richmond station's police captain here in san francisco says since january there have been four of these types of thefts in the richmond district. thieves are using glue guns to stick those buttons down. this method is less risky because it's not violent and the penalty for getting caught is less than if a thief robbed the customer or atm itself. customers need to keep in mind
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several things. bring you out here live. never ever ever leave your card unattended or inside of the atm. you can also call from a cell phone inside the bank for help or send someone else inside for aid. now the biggest tip police have for customers is the fact that you can finish up your transaction using a touch screen. most of the time you put your card in you can use that touch screen to finish up your transaction. i spoke to the richmond police dispatch and we're told that the sergeant involved in this investigation will be in in more than an hour. we hope to check in with that sergeant and give you a little more information coming up. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you. time now 5:07. let's get everybody to where they need to go. >> sure. >> tara, so far so good right? that's right. monday we had the wind to contend with. yesterday it was the fog and rain and muni problems. but today we are in luck. at least so far. seeing a lot of green on my maps and that translates to easy commutes. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. drive into san francisco is a pleasant one. over in the east bay 880 near the oakland coliseum looks
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really good. here you go. cars on the right hand side there are northbound as you drive toward downtown oakland. finally, 280 in san jose those taillights are northbound as you drive toward highway 17. again, so far so good. 5:07. steve, what do you got? oh, tara, you don't have enough time -- [ laughter ] >> lay it on me. >> i have lots to talk about but i have to do it in a minute 30. morning clouds and then fair and warmer by this afternoon. a lot of high clouds kind of drifting across right now. weak system. tomorrow clouds return. rain returns also to the north bay. these are weaker systems. the next sign of any system that would be okay would be on sunday night. saturday though looks pretty good. sunday increase clouds. rain comes in sunday night. sunday night. that's what that's supposed to say right there. you can see our system as it begins to move over us and now it's falling apart. higher clouds. and below we have patchy low clouds but nothing compared to what we had yesterday. 40 to right at 50. 46 livermore. 50 hayward. 50 oakland. 50 san francisco. there's your for the morning.
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47 fairfield, san raphael and napa in there. santa rosa starting off at 48. and then we'll go 58 at noon. high for 67. just a lot of high clouds after mostly cloudy morning. we will have just a thinning out of those clouds later on. you can see why. the bulk of this is heading to the north and riding up and over the ridge of high pressure. so morning clouds high 60 to near 70 degrees. then tomorrow we'll watch to the west and northwest. system begins to move in and again looks like we'll cloud it up and maybe light rain to the north bay. these are not strong systems but seems like everything that rolls through does produce some light rain. at least so far. morning clouds and then fair. but fair may not be just you know filtered sun but a little bit warmer. some patchy fog as well. highs 60s to 70s brentwood, antioch at 70. 66 hayward. 64 berkeley. 70 morgan hill to gill roy. close for san jose. 60s on the coast. 68 pleasanton and also livermore. temperatures coming up a bit here. clouds return tomorrow for a cooling trend. rain to the north and mostly fair, mild and a little warmer
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friday. saturday morning's all right. probably most of saturday. cloud it up sunday and late rain sunday evening and sunday night. all right. an overnight tragedy. seven children from one family were killed in a fire. where the parents were at the time and how they discovered the home was burning. also early this morning libyan leader gadafi warned against imposed no-fly zone and what he threatens will happen.
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overnight tragedy in pennsylvania. seven children died in a devastating farmhouse fire. investigators say the mother was in a barn milking cows when the fire started. her 3-year-old daughter who is the only child to survive escaped the home and ran to the barn to tell her mother that the house was on fire. the father had left the home earlier to get his milk delivery truck. no word on what caused that fire. this morning president obama is meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton and other senior advisors to decide what steps to take, if any, in libya. allison burn asks in our washington d.c. newsroom with more on what's happening today. allison. >> reporter: good morning, pam. that's right. gadafi says his country will strike back if a no-fly zone is imposed over libya. he delivered an address on state tv last night with strong words for his critics saying
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the u.s. and other countries only have a financial interest in his country. >> this is leading to dangerous by those countries in order to fulfill their colonialist explorations to control our me. >> petrol. >> reporter: discussing an international no-fly zone in case he continues to refuse to step down and continued violence against opposition forces. hillary clinton made clear in an interview this morning it won't be a u.s. led effort because that would only play into gadafi's propaganda. another really interesting development this morning an egyptian airport official says a high ranking member of the libyan military arrived in cairo this morning saying he had a message from gadafi. no word yet on what that message is. reporting from washington d.c.,
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allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:14. the battle goes on in congress to pass a spending bill for the current fiscal year. now one democratic senator says president obama needs to do something. >> why are we doing all this most poweringful person and these negotiations are present has failed to lead this debate or offer a serious proposal for spending and cuts that he would be willing to fight for. >> now there is a vote scheduled in the u.s. senate today on two competing bills but neither one is expected to get the 60 votes needed to pass. in egypt violent clashes between muslims and christians have killed eleven people and injured more than 90 others. the violence started last night when a muslim mom attacked thousands of christians who were protesting against the burning of a church in cairo last week. it all stems from an escalation of tensions between the two religious groups over a love affair between a muslim and a christian that set off a
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violent feud between families of that couple. time now 5:15. we're getting you to where you need to go. we're starting off the morning saying so far so good, right, tara? that's right. roadways are clear and mass transit running on time. hopefully we won't have any glitches with muni like we did yesterday. fingers crossed. first a look at 101 in san francisco. headlights are folks headed toward downtown and bay bridge. up next we have a look at the san mateo bridge. we saw a lot of heavy fog. it was wet outside earlier in the week. but everything is looking really great as of now. and down in the south bay 237 looks pretty dark out there. that's because there aren't too many folks out there on the roadways just yet. no problems to report. 5:16. steve. tara. >> how's it going? >> very well, thank you. we do have mostly cloudy morning. yesterday was more fog and low clouds. we still have patchy fog but these are mainly just a little band of higher clouds just drifting across. no big deal. but they're there.
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mostly cloudy. patchy fog in the morning. mostly sunny and warmer by this afternoon. clouds return though and rain is possible tomorrow for the north bay. not a big system. but today will be a little warmer. tomorrow will be a little cooler. you can see there's not much left of that system. by this afternoon we should have mostly sunny skies. that system kind of falls apart. 40s to right at 50. only about a four or five degree spread between coast, bay and inland. this is a weak, weak system. most driving north. the next system coming in will be tomorrow. and today though after that system goes by that's just a ten would you say rope we don't have to worry too much about it. temperatures though are inching up. patchy fog will give way to a few high clouds later on. it will be warmer. highs 60 to low 70s. morning clouds and fair. fair means mostly sunny but higher clouds. patchy fog but it will be a little warmer today. in fact highs will go mid-60s, upper 60s to 70. antioch, brentwood, 70. novato 66. same for hayward. then go 70. let's go for it san jose 70.
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morgan hill 71. livermore 68. 67 palo alto, redwood city. not too bad woodside. clouds and then warmer. clouds roll back in thursday. rain moves into the north. weak system. friday looks good, saturday looks good and sunday we cloud up. rain returns sunday evening. well, today marks the second anniversary of the start of the market on wall street. the s&p 500 has nearly doubled since march 9th of 2009 when it hit a 12 year low after the financial crisis. and analysts say small investors who fled the market since stocks dropped appear to be coming back. since the beginning of the year investors have put more than $24 billion back into u.s. stocks and mutual funds. all right. let's check in on the numbers this morning. pretty good day actually. and earlier part of the morning it looked like we were going to see losses but dow jones up 124 points. it starts today at 12,214.
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better indication of what's going on on the opening bell in just about an hour. crude oil prices are down again. that's good news. overnight the price for benchmark crude for delivery next month fell to slightly more than $104 a barrel. analysts say u.s. inventories of crude rose 3.8 million- barrels last week but supplies of gasoline fell. the u.s. energy department releases its report on stockpiles later today. our time now 5:18. about a million sardines just died in a southern california marina. and marine biologists may know the reason why. they think the sardines used up all of the oxygen in the waters at king harbor marina. and that's what killed them. they also think the sardines probably swam into the shallow water by accident and then couldn't find their way out. the experts say this kind of die off is unusual but it's not unprecedented. look at those pictures. >> wow. this is also a scary story. out to get man's best friend.
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police say someone is trying to poison dogs. the disturbing message the culprit left behind. also terrifying moments and they were caught on tape. why police are releasing this video showing an attempted abduction that ended in three deaths. we'll show you that video next. it is clear sailing down in the south bay. 208 at the 880 interchange looking great traffic-wise. we'll have more coming up.
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good morning. we have a mostly cloudy morning. more high clouds than really fog compared to what we had yesterday. still some patchy fog. once that gives way we'll have a mostly sunny day. highs a little warmer. 60s and a few low 70s. all right. thank you. time now 5:22. a san francisco supervisor telling muni get tough during the contract negotiations with the transit operator's union supervisor says when voters approved proposition g last fall they gave muni the chance to make big changes in the labor agreement. he says now it's up to muni management to negotiate a deal that they say is fair to workers and muni riders. however, muni operators are suing the city. they say a portion of prop g virtually guarantees they will not get a fair contract. the new law says if the two sides can't reach agreement on their own, an independent arbitrator will be called in and it requires that arbitrator to consider how the contract would effect fares and
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services. well, dog owners in sunny vale, you're being warned. keep an eye on your pets after rat poison was found at a dog park. police say open boxes of rat poison were found at the dog park on two separate occasions late last month. and someone wrote an open thousands threat right there in a blue marker that read all dogs must die. dog park users are obviously shocked and upset. >> i just can't believe that somebody would do such a thing. what kind of people are there in the world that do that? >> common symptoms of poisoning include a loss of appetite, paralysis, seizures, just some of the symptoms. veterinarians say depending on the amount a dog may eat it may take two toisech days for the first symptoms to appear. san jose police have released a graphic surveillance tape. they hope it will track down a fugitive wanted in one of the city's most violent crimes ever. three people were killed during a terrifying kidnap attempt at
5:25 am
the mexicalily club on old oakland road in early january. the video shows the man in a bullet proof vest fighting with the bar owner as he attempts to force him at gunpoint from the club and into that waiting suv. >> we are surmising that it is some type of drug type debt. we don't know much more about it than that. but they're able to piece together enough information that they believe narcotics are involved. >> the bar owner was shot during the struggle but survived. three others were killed during that shoot out. two of them are believed to have been working with the suspects. you can get another look at that surveillance video by going to our website at look for the bay area news tab right on our front page. time now 5:25. in san jose the mardi gras celebrating went late into the morning. ktvu was watching. tell you if the party stayed peaceful or if there was any
5:26 am
trouble. and the problem of prostitution grows in the city of vallejo a newly formed task force has ideas on how to deal with it. and also a very expensive car stolen, the celebrity that car belongs to and why thieves used equipment to pull off that heist. traffic going well on 60. we'll have more hot spots throughout the bay area coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news wednesday march 9th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now just about 35:30. hey, steve, maybe not shorts and flip-flops but break out the capris today. >> you can do whatever you want. little cool out there right now with mostly cloudy morning. temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. santa clara valley and maybe out to the east bay as well. look for these clouds to thin out and temperatures warming up a little bit. here's tara. all right. thanks, steve. here's a look at highway 4 through bay point. you can see headlights are westbound as folks make their way to concord. no delays to speak of. finally 880 near the oakland coliseum still a bit dark out there. you can see the headlights are southbound as you make your way toward hayward. 5:29. let's head back to the desk. time now 5:29. the city of vallejo now considering some controversial ideas to respond to a growing
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prostitution problem. ktvu's claudine wong is talking to vallejo police. and she's back now with the details of that. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, i've talked to some vallejo police officers this morning who have been working all night. they say things were busy again overnight with prostitutes out here on the streets of vallejo. they tell me through this area right here and several streets over and they said a lot of people coming from across the bay area to do business. police say this is just more than they can handle. so this task force has come together. and we are getting a look this morning at some of the ideas they've come up with. last night that task force headed by the mayor of vallejo recommended several possible solutions to the council including community patrols, more police stings, cameras in high prostitution areas and a first in the state dear john campaign to shame johns. >> you take their vehicle license plate number and you find out who the owner is. send a letter to their home
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indicating that your vehicle was seen in a high prostitution area. just thought we would let you know. >> reporter: there are more than a dozen solutions being put on the table. police also told me this morning that the community is going to be key in solving this problem. we're going to talk more about that including a community group who is taking action on this. and we'll tell you how billboards could also be a possible solution. live here in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. parks police are searching for clues in connection with a gruesome discovery in san francisco. they found the body yesterday washed ashore close to aquatic park in fort mason. there's no word on whether it's the body of a man or a woman. investigators are trying to gather evidence from the scene to try to figure out how that person died. we could find out today if more cases will be dropped in connection to that police video scandal in san francisco. yesterday eight cases were dropped. five involved drug charges. two were for grand theft.
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and another for burglary. that brings the total of 13 cases dropped. this all started when the public defender's office released surveillance video that it says shows plain clothed police officers violating proper procedures and possibly breaking the law. time now 5:31. today san jose officials will consider a plan to drastically reduce the number of medical marijuana dispensaries. there are more than 100 pot clubs operating in san jose. some council members say the city can't even keep up with the complaints. they're proposing limiting the number of dispensaries to 10. if proposed today the rules committee will send proposal to the full city council. today is the last chance for dog owners to speak out about a plan to limit off leash areas in the golden gate recreational area. parks officials want to limit off leash access at 21 locations including san francisco's ocean beach, chris city field and fort mason.
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today, you, the public, can share your opinion at the final open house meeting starts at 4:00 p.m. at the school in pacifica. san francisco police are warning people about an unusual atm scam. thieves are using glue to take your money. ktvu's jade hernandez is in the city to tell us what you can do to protect yourself. jade. >> reporter: well, thieves are targeting atm users. we're going to show you how they're doing it. they're doing it by glueing down the enter, clear and cancel button. customer inserts their card and then the customer can't finish the process because the keys get stuck. the customer goes inside the bank for help leaving their card outside or information still up on the screen. and that is when the thieves step in. a local paper reports the richmond station police captain says since january there have been four of these types of thefts in the richmond district in san francisco. thieves are using glue guns to stick the buttons down. and the method is less risky
5:34 am
because it's not violent and the penalty for getting caught is less than a thief would have if they just steal from the atm itself or rob a customer. that's a misdemeanor. plus a bank customer might not notice that theft for days. customers need to keep in mind several banks never ever leave your card unattended at an atm machine. you can call using your cell phone for help inside the bank or using something inside to call for help. another thing to keep in mind, customers can finish their transaction right here right on the screen. they do not have to just use the keys. now we spoke to the richmond police dispatch and we're told the sergeant involved in the case will be in after 6:00. we hope to get an update from that sergeant today. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:34. san francisco police are busy trying to find a thief who used climbing gear to break into a car dealership and stole the
5:35 am
lambert guy knee of celebrity chef guy phi query. police found repelling rope and bolt cutters there at the scene. now that stolen car is worth more than $200,000. guy stars on several shows on the food network and he lives in the north bay. >> and he just keeps his car there i guess for when he needs it. wow. 5:34 is the time. hearing about an accident in the south bay. where's that, tara? this is off of 680. take a live look at our cameras. 680 at the grade it's very close to here. the north mission boulevard onramp to southbound 680. we have a carver sus semi. a tow truck is on scene right now. all right as we take a look at the macarthur maze you can see that traffic is flowing well on every interstate here. that's good news. and finally at the golden gate bridge you can see that traffic is also flowing nicely into san francisco this morning. 5:35.
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steve. tara. >> capris. i enjoyed that comment. >> that's pam. >> i know. i think pam looks good in them. >> not speaking from myself obviously. okay. for the ladies only. we do have a mostly cloudy morning. and temperatures in the 40s and 50s. so morning clouds, fair and warmer. a little warmer today. some of the tweets coming in it's getting warmer, yeah. it's going to get hot soon enough. you just hang in there. clouds return tomorrow. light rain to the north. and then saturday looks pretty good. sunday we increase clouds. rain returns sunday afternoon and evening. we'll ease into that. looks like it comes in by 4:00 or so and monday night into sunday. that's a ways out. you can see higher clouds hanging out over us. mostly cloudy. patchy fog. yesterday was all low clouds and fog. just patchy fog. we don't have any drizzle that i know of. mostly sunny and warmer this afternoon and then clouds roll back in tomorrow. focus some rain on the north bay light tomorrow. there's the system for the morning hours mostly cloudy skies. by later on this will thin out
5:37 am
-- fair skies. mostly sunny by higher clouds. 46 livermore. 46 santa rosa. 50 for hayward and mountain view and even into oakland, san francisco. santa rosa starting off mostly cloudy. 46 degrees. 58 at noon. the high today is 67 in santa rosa under mostly sunny skies later on even though it's mostly cloudy. there's our system. there's not a lot left to it. you see riding up and over the ridge like that and falling over like that therein lies a weak system. morning clouds and mostly sunny later today. temperatures coming up a little bit. especially east bay and i think santa clara valley. cloudy, cool on thursday. then light rain looks like it wants to take aim at the north bay. today deal with some clouds in the morning and then mostly fair and sunny in the afternoon. and it will be a little bit warmer as temperatures get into the 60s to a few low 70s. that would be antioch, brentwood. santa rosa 67. napa 67. berkeley 64. san raphael 66. 68 pleasanton. we'll go low 70s san jose
5:38 am
morgan hill to gill roy and redwood city at 67. san mateo 66. we're getting there. a little each day. tomorrow we back off on the temps with the clouds and very light rain. friday looks warmer. saturday pretty good and sunday we cloud up and rain moves in late. time now 5:37. they celebrated mardi gras. you're looking at brand new video of downtown san jose right now. looking at fat tuesday celebrations started. an extra 200 police officers hit the streets to control the crowds. now police say there were some people detained as we look at this video you get an idea. but no arrests were made. santa clara city officials came up with a new game plan in their fight for a new home for the 49ers. they're looking for ways to protect redevelopment money that's needed to pay for their $937 million stadium project. governor jerry brown has proposed cutting off redevelopment money to help reduce the state's huge budget
5:39 am
deficit. the governor's even suggesting the 49ers play at stanford or cal. well, are you fed up with junk mail? >> yeah. >> one bay area city has come up with a way to cut down on that annoying clutter in your mailbox. >> and it's a video you're going to want to see. a man with a gun has trouble with his mask. here's a look at 280 in san jose. coming up in traffic we'll let you know if there are any other problems for your wednesday morning commute.
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5:41 am
good morning. mostly cloudy skies. patchy fog. highs buffering up a bit. even low 70s for antioch, san
5:42 am
jose and morgan hill. welcome back. here's a quick look at top stories we're following for you right now at 5:41. in pennsylvania a horrible story. seven children die in a devastating farmhouse fire. investigators say the mother of the kids was in the barn milking cows when the fire started. a 3-year-old girl survived after she escaped from that burning home. six months ago today a devastating gas pipeline explosion in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. the district attorney's office is now looking at past seismic upgrading work as part of that continuing investigation into pg&e's overall pipeline operations. and we're hearing reports this morning that libyan leader gadafi has sent a high ranking member of his military to egypt with a message. an egyptian army official says libyan military leader asked to meet with egypt's military rulers. no other details are available
5:43 am
right now. wisconsin governor scott walker is now offering to keep certain collective bargaining rights in place for state workers as a compromise to end a nearly three week standoff. e-mails released by walker's office show a softening in the governor's stance in the wake of protests that have attracted 80,000 people. under the compromise, workers would be able to continue bargaining over some issues such as their salaries or mandatory overtime. a strong earthquake in japan triggered a small tsunami this morning. look at that video. it shows buildings swaying and shaking the moment the 7.3 quake hit. now there are no reports of injuries, but look. there was a small tsunami about 30 minutes later after the quake. but that also did not cause any damage. time now 5:53. the average bishop of philadelphia just suspended 21 priests placing them on administrative leave. they're all accused of sexually abusing children.
5:44 am
and their suspensions follow a grand jury report alleging widespread priest abuse and a cover up that went on for years. the priests won't be allowed to celebrate mass or wear collars until the catholic church completes its investigation. a minnesota mail carrier has died after a porch she was standing on just collapsed. that porch was built over what used to be the entrance to a cellar. police say she fell about 10 feet to the bottom of the porch then was trapped under a four inch thick concrete slab. police say the beams holding up the porch had rotted. and that caused them to just give away. two oakland police officers will not face charges for shooting an unarmed man last year. the district attorney says the officers had reason to fear for their safety when they fired at 37-year-old derrick jones in november. the d.a.'s found that jones repeatedly ignored officers' commands to show his hands and that he reached for his waistband which may have
5:45 am
indicated to officers he was actually reaching for a weapon. jones' mother says she's appalled by the findings. she's filed a $10 million wrongful death suit against the city. time now 5:44. the antioch city council unanimously approved a new contract with their police officers. this contract is for nine months. as ktvu's been reporting, other unions complained they were being asked to make long-term concessions and police were getting a sweetheart deal. but the police officers argue they've been making concessions for years. and you wouldn't think the hardest part of an armed robbery would be getting your mask on right or the right one, but this video -- look at this from south carolina. a convenience store's being holed up. the robber constantly struggles with the mask and his problems didn't end there. he couldn't open the cash register either. eventually -- look at him, he ran away. didn't get a dime. all right. 5:45 is the time. pretty good shape for the
5:46 am
morning commute says tara. yes. there are virtually no accidents on the chp website. if we take a look at our maps you can see look at all of this all of the green from oakland and san francisco down the peninsula to the south bay where you can see traffic is flowing well on virtually every interstate and highway. on 880 at the oakland coliseum here's a live look. you can see on the right hand side there those taillights are folks headed toward downtown. no worries. and finally 237 this is really the only area seeing the brake lights in the top portion of your screen. those are folks headed westbound into sunny vale. 5:46. here's steve. all right. thank you, tara. we have a mostly cloudy morning. most of these high clouds -- stop that, tara. poor girl. mostly cloudy in the morning. we will have a mostly sunny fair afternoon. warmer. light rain for the north bay. the weekend saturday looks pretty good. looks fine there. sunday clouds will start to increase and rain late sunday i should say or sunday evening
5:47 am
looks like it will make it for everyone overnight into monday. saturday looks okay for right now. temperatures today starting off in the 40s and 50s due to this cloud band draped over us right there. not a lot. but high thin clouds. below that we have patchy fog. that will give way to mostly sunny and warmer temperatures bump up a few degrees upper 60s to near 70. tomorrow we bring back clouds and looks like a weak part of that system will give the north bay light rain. maybe a little further south but it's not a big system. see the clouds over us right there. but they're starting to thin out. the next couple hours we'll see this really march off towards the east. we'll be left with mostly sunny weather after any low clouds burn off. 40s to 50. right at 50. oakland, hayward, mountain view. napa 46, fairfield 47. concord 48. that system doesn't have much and the lows are all spinning towards the north. that next system spinning right in the middle of your screen. that will come in tomorrow. today after the morning clouds looks pretty good. mostly sunny. occasionally higher clouds. temperatures coming up a bit. santa clara valley east bay upper 60s to near 70 degrees.
5:48 am
tomorrow we bring it back down with some clouds. cooler temperatures and maybe light rain to the north. again, not a big system. today though looks okay. patchy fog underneath some of those higher clouds. give way to mostly sunny skies. 60s to near 70. 73 san francisco. 65 oakland. 07 brentwood. napa 67. hayward 66. and low 70s san jose, morgan hill to gill roy with a lot of upper 60s to mid-60s. santa cruz at 66. clouds and rain move in to the north. weak system on thursday. mostly sunny, warmer friday. saturday pretty good. sunday we cloud it up. looks like rain sunday evening afternoon and north bay and then everyone sunday night. all right. 5:48. berkeley residents now have a new tool to fight junk mail. a free online service launched yesterday that allows users to opt out of unsolicited mail. the city of berkeley is sponsoring this service. it's provided by the nonprofit group catalog choice. you can choose to opt out of junk mail for more than 3,000
5:49 am
companies on the group's website. >> we record all of the choices that you've made over time. so if you have an issue and the mail comes back, you simply come into your account, click on the details and you can actually file a complaint. >> now catalog choice has a one year contract with berkeley. berkeley's using grant money to pay the $10,000 price tag. if you want to sign up for the program, you can go to our channel 2 website at and click on the web links. well, the federal government says identity theft was the number one consumer complaint last year. there were more than a quarter million complaints about i.d. theft. that's nearly one out of every five filings. the second most common complaint, debt collection which makes up 11% of total complaints. internet services and prizes, sweepstakes and lotteries each account for about 5% of all the complaints. facebook is trying out a service that lets members rent
5:50 am
movies. warner brothers is running the test through the public pages of individual movies. for example, you can go to the page for batman, the dark knight, click watch and then pay 30 facebook credits or $3 to stream the movie. renters have access to movie for 48 hours and you can replay it as many times as you want. some sony movies sold through apple i tunes are now available with extra features. sony says you can search for actors or bits of dialogue by typing terms into the computer. they can also check what songs are used in the movie and get a quick link to buy the music. the new features increase the value of digital movies making them more collectible. time now 5:50. newly released census information shows the changing face of california. the 2010 census numbers show california's population increased 10% since the year 2000. here in the bay area the county with the largest population increase by far is contra costa county up 10.6%. santa clara county is next with
5:51 am
a 5.9% increase. >> 70 years ago we had a population of about 100,000. we're now a million people in contra costa county. >> most of california's population growth over the last ten years is due to increasing numbers of latinos and asians. in the ten years from 2000 to 2010 the number grew by 28%. the number of asians increased 31.5%. you can get more details from the 2010 census at our channel 2 website at we have an interactive map right there of california with county by county information. well, a secret list at stanford. apparently a special list for so-called special students. why that secret is now out and what's happened to that list now.
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welcome back to the morning news. we're looking live at mission control. the crew of the space shuttle discovery's preparing to land in florida in just about three hours. we've been talking about we were hoping to see it pass over the bay area last night but plans changed. it's later. it's more south. but the astronauts are closing the door between their quarters and cargo area and they will drop into earth's orbit just before 8:00 our time.
5:55 am
should put discovery's wheels on the ground for a final sometime just before 9:00 a.m. before it lands discovery will have logged more than 148 million miles in orbit. well, a memorial for the september 11 victims who died on a flight headed for san francisco needs millions of dollars to be completed. today relatives of the united airlines flight 93 passengers will lobby congress to support the funding. the first phase of the memorial including a wall listing the 40 passengers and crew members is set to open this september on the tenth anniversary of the attacks. time now 5:55. the top 13 finalists on "american idol" are getting ready now to take the stage tonight. ♪ [ music ] >> we're used to hearing them sing. but these contestants recently showed us some of their unusual
5:56 am
quirky talents. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm steven tyler. >> okay. two of those contestants from northern california are among the finalists. 22-year-old james from santa cruz and 16-year-old from mountain house. you can watch them all the final 13 taking the stage tonight at 8:00 right here on ktvu channel 2. stanford university has dropped a closely guarded list of classes distributed only to campus athletes. it was widely known as the easy class list. it included such courses as improvised drama and social dances of north america. the administrators say the list was designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of student athletes but stanford dropped the courses last week following some complaints. 180 employees with the mt. diablo school districts will get layoff notices next week. the school board made that
5:57 am
decision last night as it tries to make up a $22 million budget deficit. we spoke with the president of the school board overnight. and he tells us further steps to deal with the deficit will largely depend on whether state lawmakers approve the tax extension for the june ballot. all right. time now 5:56. knock on wood the commute so far this morning, tara, you've done a good job with it. thank you very much. but if i could just make a pitch here for mass transit. i don't know about you guys but it cost me like $60 to fill up my tank the her day. take bart if you can. okay. let's head to the south bay. 280 at the 880 split. those headlights are northbound 880 as you drive towards santa clara. 680 at the grade near fremont we had an earlier accident on the north mission boulevard onramp but it looks like it's under control. finally at the bay bridge toll plaza we are starting to see a bit of back up there. in another ten to 20 minutes we should see the metering lights go on. dave, pam. thanks, tara. well, it is a new scam aimed at ripping off a bank atm.
5:58 am
why police call this a sticky scam. and what you should look out for. intensified bay area search for a child molester now considered a fugitive. good morning we have a lot of cloud cover but it will be warmer. forecast in two minutes.
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